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Bharathi - Episode 361 - October 24, 2014

About the show

Bharathi gets married to Bharath, Manoj senses that his presence would only aggravate the already tense situation in the house given his history with Bharathi. Without telling anybody, he leaves the house. Meanwhile, Bharathi finds it very difficult to get adjusted to the new compelling life. Bharath, grumpy in nature makes it tough for Bharathi to get adjusted to him. He is acting this crazy because, he wants Bharathi to hate him, so that she asks for a divorce. And then he can bring in his real wife Renuka and introduce her to his parents. Meanwhile, Renuka not realizing the plans Bharath has cooked, lands up in the same house as a nurse to take care of Bharath's parents. Renuka being extremely possessive in nature hates Bharathi who is being looked upon as Bharath's wife. She keeps planning to oust Bharathi but in vain. Meanwhile Manoj suddenly lands up in front of the family. Bharathi sees a solution in this situation where Manoj has returned. But will Manoj be of any help to Bharathi or will he just aggravate the already tense situation? Will Bharath be able to unite Bharathi & Manoj? What is Bharathi's stand if Bharath takes this tough decision of uniting her & Manoj?

Serial: Bharathi
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 361
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