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Chi Sow Savithri - Episode 1204 - November 15, 2014

About the show

Savithri comes from a very orthodox family from a village called Balebeedi. She is married to a cab driver Sathya and lives in Bangalore. Savithri's sister Vinutha, a bubbly girl, falls in love with Pratap, a rich businessman, and ends up marrying him. But Pratap's mother Vaishali and Savithri-Vinutha's mother Padmavathi have had a long term rivalry for many years. This leads to Vaishali making crooked plans to get Savithri and Padmavati into trouble. The story takes a fresh turn when a man called Sushil Kumar enters their lives. Sushil Kumar has come to India to look for his son, who he lost 25 years ago. Sushil is none other than Vaishali's estranged husband, Vaishali being his second wife.Sushil's first wife died when their son was a young child. Vaishali, for reasons not explained yet, kidnapped this son and left him in front of an ashram. Satya grew up as the son of Nagaraj and Yamuna, a poor couple. Sushil happens to meet Satya, and they go off in search of Sushil's first son. Little do they know that the son Satya is helping Sushil look for, is none other than Satya himself! After a long search, Sushil finds out that Satya is the son he lost over 20 years ago. Satya and Pratap, who were friends earlier, now have to compete for their father's attention, and end up as rivals. Pratap's friend Vinuta attempts to kill her own sister Savitri,but ends up in killing herself. Then a lady called Kanchana comes from Singapore, claiming she is the first wife of Prathap. And she claims that they have a baby together. What happens next? Is Savithri safe? How do the family dynamics change after this incident?

Serial: Chi Sow Savithri
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 1204
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