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Nam Deshad Kathe - Episode 17 - June 21, 2015 - Full Episode

About the show

A journey to discover our Incredible India...India isn't called INCREDIBLE INDIA for nothing. This wonderful land is riddled with more mysteries and astonishing things than Alice could ever have imagined. Travelling in India is like a roller-coaster ride, thrilling and unforgettable because in every moment there's so much to live.This show is an attempt to discover many unknown places and untold stories of this vast sub-continent. The anchor will take the viewer to little known corners of mystic India, attempting to reveal the truth behind the various legends. Journey covers from Gujarat to Bengal, Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Show also aims to give a visual experience on some of the dark and grey shades of India like myth, mystery and haunted places. This vast country has many places which have been abandoned and remain shrouded in mystery.Key places that would be covered in the show would be Bhangarh Fort - The most haunted place in India, Dhanush Kodi - Abandoned place and Rama Sethu myth, Moksha Bhavan - Where people check in to DIE, Lone Soldier on Indo China border - BUT he is dead, Identical TWIN'S TOWN - Highest twins in one area in the world, Land of Snakes - Snake is the pet for this Villagers, Maharaja Express - World's luxurious train.'Life Super Guru' title winner Sharath is the host of this show and will travel to different places which will carry myths and mysteries about India.

Serial: Nam Deshad Kathe
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 17
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