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Onde Goodina Hakkigalu - Episode 139 - September 22, 2014

About the show

Harini who is an orphan has always dreamt of being a part of a big joint family. She never had the chance to experience family love and so as she grows up, she decides that if she ever gets married, it will be in a joint family. Sarojini Dalavayi is a 70 year old woman from a rich royal family. However her family has split due to the greed of her daughter in law, Nagamani. Nagamani wanted the authority in the house and had always eyed the huge property and assets possessed by Sarojini Dalavayi. Sarojini Dalavayi never wanted to hand over this property to Nagamani because she always knew that she was not capable to handle this much wealth and power. There was a major tiff between these two and the family had got separated from Sarojini Dalavayi. Sarojini Dalavayi was left alone in a palatial house to suffer the loneliness. Now in her last days, she wants to be with the family and wants to teach a lesson to her daughter in law Nagamani. She wants Nagamani to understand that morality and compassion are more important than moneyFate makes Harini meet Sarojini Dalavayi, one day in her college day where Harini debates in favor of the joint family concept and wins the competition against many students who debate in favor of a nuclear family. Sarojini Dalavayi gets instantly attracted by Harini for her compassion, moral values and innocence. She meets her personally and understands her further. Sarojini Devi decides upon something.Now, Sarojini Dalavayi sees Harini as an angel in disguise who can re-unite her joint family again. She plans to plant Harini into this weird family as the daughter in law. She believes Harini can teach Nagamani a moral lesson and set the family right. How Sarojini Dalavayi succeeds in planting Harini into this family, what Harini does when she comes to know that the relationships in this family are just a farce, forms the crux of the story.

Serial: Ondhe Goodina Hakkigalu
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 139
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