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Ondoornalli Raja Rani - Episode 237 - November 21, 2015 - Full Episode

About the show

Ondoornalli Raja Rani is an off-beat story set in a small town. The female lead Rani is in search of a bride to get her father remarried while the male lead Raja is on the lookout for his aunt's long lost family.Geetanjali, the famous businesswoman in town is a punctuality freak who would have rejected her groom because he ended up 5 minutes late for the marriage. Geetanjali has brought up her brother's son Raja like her own kid and has showered him with lot of love. Raja too likes Geetanjali more than his own mother!The story opens with the search of the two protagonists for their loved ones and it is later revealed that Rani's real mother is Geetanjali. During the course of their search, Raja and Rani would have met a number of times but all their encounters would have ended up in a fight. Now, would Raja & Rani be able to get to the people they are looking for? Would they patch up with each other to get their loved ones together is the further journey of the story.

Serial: Ondoornalli Raja Rani
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 237
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