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Punnaga - Episode 260 - January 9, 2018 - Full Episode

Punnaga, Zee Telugu's new fiction show is a story about two rival families The Naga and Garuda family, who have been clashing since the beginning of time. Garuda family, headed by Dhanunjay Varma ardently worships Garuda Deva as their Kula Devam. And the Naga Family headed by Mahadevi is a great devotee of Naga. And though Dhanunjay hates Nagas, he and his sister Bhadravathi will often try to get hold of the Naga Nidhi. The show revolves around Dhanunjay's son Anirudh and Mahadevi's daughter Punnaga's bond, as Anirudh's horoscope states him having associations with the rival family. Now what impact will this bond bring in the lives of Garuda and Nagas forms the crux of the story.

Serial: Punnaga
Telecast Date: 9th January 2018
Episode Number: 260
Available on: