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Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu - Episode 554 - July 2, 2016 - Full Episode

About the show

The biggest fear of a girl is to deal with her mother-in-law after marriage. Imagine what a trauma it would be if there were six mother-in-laws.Janavi was the sole provider of her house. Her father was a man of principles. He was forced to leave his job as a result of office politics. Her step-mother was someone who saw Janavi only as an income earning machine; she saw to it that Janavi didn't get a suitor. Janavi selflessly continued working hard to provide support for her family.Shrinidhi on the other hand is a successful, young industrialist who has worked hard to flourish the business that his grandmother had started.Shrinidhi fell for Janavi the first time he saw her. Love blossomed. But as fate may have it, a lot of misunderstandings were created about Janavi in the minds of Shrinidhi's mothers. They were all dead against this relation but eventually they agreed for the liaison much against their wishes.From here on began Janavi's journey to win over her six mother-in-laws. And eventually create her own space in a house that would not welcome her.

Serial: Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu
Telecast Date: Mon-Sat 7:00 PM
Episode Number: 554
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